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Chico or No Chico?

At the recent PPAI show, I saw that ChicoBag had a booth. Years ago I wanted to add their bags to our website but ChicoBag did not seem to be set up for the promotional products industry. Well now they are, so the the big question is…drum roll please… should we add this item to our website? ChicoBag is a well known brand and you do pay a premium to sell the name. We are currently offering a similar product that is less expensive. So maybe the answer to the question is to offer both versions. I will add this to the 2018 list. Work to be done!

Here are pics of the bags we offer.  This is one of my favorite items we currently have on our website.  I love functional items and these bags are just perfect.  They take up very little space and they hold a lot of items.  We have them listed as holding up to 30 lbs and this seems right based on my own experience with the bags.  Here is a link to the item on our website.  

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