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Custom Logo Products

Setup fees are an additional charge above the cost of the actual product. This fee includes the cost for the screen (if applicable), custom plate (if applicable), and other administrative fees. On almost every product we offer with the option to upload art, there will be a setup fee. On certain items there is a setup fee per color and print location. On other products there may be only one setup fee, regardless of the number of colors being printed. On some products, by simply changing the imprint color or even the product color within a lot, you will incur a new setup fee. The fee structure varies depending on the specific item being ordered. Each product should include this information in the price table. As a general rule, setup fees are waived on reorders as long as the order is placed for the same item within one year of the most recent order. Reorders not within this time frame usually will incur a half-price setup fee. More information is available in the price section for the specific product being ordered.

As a general rule, the logo should be a vector file. This is a special type of file that is typically created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A vector file is scalable and highly editable. The file extension is most commonly .ai, .eps, .svg, or .pdf. Please note that just because the file was saved in this format and has this extension, it is not necessarily a vector file. If you are not sure whether the file is vector, please contact us and we will let you know whether or not the image is acceptable for printing.

All text in the vector file should be converted to outline (which essentially means the text is converted to art and our graphics software will not read the text as a font). Converting to outline is necessary because in most cases we do not have the font and thus the text will not appear correctly when opened by our art department. If you are not sure if the file is in outline format, please contact us.

If you do not have access to the vector version of the image or if you are having difficulty converting the text to outline, we offer the service to correct the file for you. See the link below for art correction services.

Click here for Art Correction Services

For some items we only require a high resolution image (usually at least 300 dpi). The file extension will usually be .jpg, .tiff, or .png. Items that typically do not require vector art are digitally printed items. Digital printing is discussed in more detail in the section below.

There are certain products for which the artwork does not have to be a vector file. This is most often the case with digitally printed products. In some cases, if you have a high resolution image, we may be able to use the file without the need for vector art. To determine whether or not your art will work, please contact us at [email protected] and include your art along with the specific item you are interested in having printed.

Digital Printing (also known as 4-color process) is when all colors are printed at the same time using CMYK colors. A digital printer is essentially a larger/industrial version of the ink jet printer you may have at home. Digital printing is useful when printing a full color photograph on a napkin, koozie, cup, coaster, etc. When printing digitally, we are able to print shadows, gradients, and halftones. Another benefit of digital printing is that it tends to be a less expensive print method when printing multiple colors on small print runs. For digital printing, the artwork should be a high resolution image (usually at least 300 dpi or even better 600 dpi). The file extensions usually will be .jpg, .tiff, or .png. Depending on the product, printing digitally will not be as crisp or defined as with our other printing methods. Below are two examples. The napkin on the left was printed digitally and the napkin on the right was printed via pad print. Notice how much more crisp the pad printed version is compared to the full color process version. This is especially noticeable in the peacock part of logo.

Halftones are a percentage of a solid color. The napkin example below shows an image with a halftone paying homage to the television series Mad Men. Parts of the image are 100% black but certain parts are only a percentage of black. When a color is printed as a percentage (e.g., 20% or 40%, etc.), it will appear dottier. Sometimes this can work to great an effect as in the example below, but it is something to consider if you do not want this look. On certain products there is a minimum and maximum percentage we can print a color (e.g., min of 20% and max of 40%). This will depend on the item so please contact us if this is a concern with the item you are ordering. If you do not want the finished product to have this grainy appearance, the other option would be to print as a separate color and not as a percentage of black, or simply remove the halftone and leave the color of the item.

A gradient is when a color scales from dark to light or light to dark. Gradients can be very subtle or very dramatic. In most cases, we can only print gradients when printing digitally. Below is an example of a gradient.

When you want your logo to look very bold or especially shiny, then hot stamp may be the ideal print method. Hot stamp does not use ink when printing. It is a heat and pressure method of printing, where a machine heats the foil paper and then stamps the product being printed. This is a great option if you do not need to match a specific PMS/Pantone color (PMS is a standard for matching colors). However, if you do need to match a PMS color, then foil may not be ideal as it cannot be matched to a specific color. Also, hot stamp printing is best when you have a simple logo without a lot of detail. If the logo has a lot of detail, hot stamping will not look good because the foil does not always lift cleanly and there could be a lot of remnant fill-in on the finished print job. Hot stamping is not only for shiny logos. Foils come in both matte finish and a shiny finish. Below is an example of a logo printed with hot stamp silver metallic foil compared to a logo that was screen printed with a metallic silver ink.

On many of our products we do offer the option to have a metallic ink instead of a metallic foil. Metallic ink will not be as shiny as a foil but it is a much better option for a logo with a lot of detail. On many products we only offer the option to print with ink so in that case, a metallic ink will be the only option. Below is an example of our metallic ink on a cup and on a napkin

Foil/hot stamp printing involves an extremely hot lever pressing down on a foil paper, which then leaves an impression on the item being printed. Once the impression is made, the lever is lifted. The main issue with this printing method is that when the lever is lifted from the product, a logo with a lot of detail may be left with excess foil in the small spaces of the logo/design (i.e., there may be fill-in in the small white areas of a “B” or an “A” or any small white space in a logo or design). For this reason, we often recommend using ink instead of foil/hot stamp. Ink tends to print a lot better than foil and is an especially perfect solution if your artwork has a lot of fine details. Though a foil can be a matte color as well as metallic, often a customer will want or associate foil with that shiny/metallic look. However, on many products, we offer a metallic ink that is a great alternative to foil/hot stamp. Below is an example of how metallic ink printing compares to metallic foil/hot stamp printing.

A PMS color is the abbreviation for “Pantone Matching System.” In the simplest terms, it is a color standard used within the design/printing industry. For products that meet the requirements to be printed using PMS colors, we are able to come very close to the specific color. It may not be an exact match in every scenario, but as a general rule it will be very close. The material the PMS color is being printed on can sometimes affect the final color, thus the shade being slightly off.

In many cases, we can print a logo as a multi-color imprint but ultimately this will depend on the product the logo is being printed on and the logo that is being printed. When printing digitally (the same concept as a home printer that prints all colors at once), we almost always can print a multi-color logo. However, many items cannot be printed digitally so there may be more limitations to the number of colors that can be printed. The main issue with printing multiple color logos on a product that is not being digitally printed is the registration between colors. Each color in the logo is printed separately, so depending on how close the colors are in proximity to each other, we may not be able to line up the colors properly. Also, because many products are printed by hand, registration of colors can vary within a lot from one item to the next. For example, if ordering a cup with a 2-color imprint, the logo could look perfectly printed on one cup and appear slightly off on another cup in the same lot. The printer typically will decline printing an item if they feel they cannot do a good job printing the product. That being said, proofs will include a disclaimer noting that colors can vary up, down, left, and right and this is not considered a defect. Below is an example of a logo on a cup and on a napkin that is not perfectly aligned.

To determine whether or not your logo can be printed as a multi-color logo please contact us with the art you would like printed and the item you would like the art printed on. We will let you know what options are available.

Yes, we can print production samples prior to an order. The price to do this will vary depending on the item being ordered. In most cases, the cost will be the set up fees for the item and a smaller fee for the printed sample. If everything stays the same for the production order, then the set up fees will be waived on the actual order. Typically, the lead time for production samples will be the same as an actual order so please plan accordingly if you want to see a sample in advance. If interested in a production sample, please contact us for more information.

Production time for a logo order will vary depending on the item being ordered and when we receive proof approval. Each product has a production and shipping tab that provides this information. When placing the order, during the checkout process there is a field requesting an in-hands date. We will look at this date and get in touch with you if we see any issues meeting the in-hands date. We also offer different rush options, which vary depending on the product and quantity ordered. To confirm whether or not the in-hands date is realistic, please contact us with the order details and the artwork and we will let you know what options are available.

Typically smaller runs of napkins (5,000 pieces of less) can be printed in 5 business days and depending on shipping location, it would be around another 1-5 business days to receive the order.  We do offer rush options and we do offer expedited shipping options.  Here is a link a link to our rush beverage and rush lunch napkins.  Rush availability for non white napkins is on a case per case basis.  For rush availability please contact us.

If ordering our logo stadium cups, we can mix and match cup colors in increments of 50 as long as the imprint color is the same and the logo is only a one color imprint.  When checking out (in the special instructions field) you can include the cup colors you would like and the quantity per color.  Again it must be increments of 50.

Customer Question

When the cups first print the inks are still drying.  Sometimes due to the quick turnaround between printing, packing, and shipping, the cups do not get to air dry as long as would be ideal.  We find the best solution is to let the cups sit out on a table outside of their plastic sleeves for a few days.  Typically after a few days the smell will disappear.  Washing the cups will not help at all.

Though we would love to be able to accommodate every type of customer, at this point we are not able to offer any payment terms.  If you are only able to pay by check, we can do this but we will need payment in advance and we normally will need to wait around 7 business days for the check to clear. We also accept money order and once we receive payment of the money order, we will begin processing the order.  In addition to paying by credit card you can also make payment via Paypal.

Our website is set up to offer both personalized napkins for parties, such as weddings and graduations, as well as the option to upload your own artwork for corporate events and social occasion events.  Below are the links to both sections.

Logo Option – Add Own Artwork to Napkins

Personalized Option – Choose our Designs or Fonts and Preview Finished Item Online


This really depends on the item.  Typically reorder are the same amount of production time as the original order. In some cases we can do a faster production time on a reorder but this really depends on the item. Please contact us directly regarding the item you are wanting to reorder.

If you need to cancel an order please contact us directly using the contact form on our website.  We also suggest calling us as well as orders can move quickly through and we want to be able to stop the order on time.

To check your order status please refer to the following link and enter your order number and the shipping zip. Please note it has to be the shipping zip code or order will not pull up.

If you provide the copy and artwork, we should be able to print the artwork in any language.  For more information please contact us.

Typically our napkins are made up of at least 20% recycled materials.  Upon request we have kraft napkins that are made from recycled materials.  If looking for a napkin is as eco friendly as possible please contact us and we can explore options.

We are not open to the public.  We ship from all over the country so our line of items can only be shipped direct to the customer.

For our personalized napkins (napkins that are just using our fonts and designs) the minimum order per design is 50 napkins.   For napkin orders with a custom logo the minimum order is a 100 napkins.  A change in artwork is considered a new item and would require a minimum of 100 napkins.

Yes we can send a random sample of most of our items and typically there will be a shipping charge of around $8. We can only ship samples with UPS or Fedex and this makes shipping a little higher than if we were to ship via USPS.

Unfortunately our ribbons are not water proof . There are options for water proof ribbons but this would be a custom order and would not be a grosgrain ribbon.

Production time is the time it takes print the item. So for example if a napkin takes 6-7 business days to print and the order is placed on Monday, the napkins will ship out by the following week by around Wednesday or Thursday depending on time order was placed. Shipping time will depend on your location. We ship from different locations throughout the United States.

We can ship outside the U.S.A but shipping can be very expensive and we cannot account for the cost of customs fees , before actually shipping the order. If you do need to have something shipped outside the U.S. please contact us and we can can try to determine the cost as close as possible.

To place a reorder you can either call us at 1-800-845-8746 or email us at [email protected] and we will send you a link to complete payment online.

We can print foil on napkins. Since foil is thicker than ink, small details can be lost. A logo with lots of details of small text will not print well with foil imprint. We suggest sending the art to us first to see if the image will print well with foil.

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. The color code was missing on the backend of the website but we now fixed the issue and it will work properly.

Yes we can print on both sides of a beverage or luncheon napkin. The price depends on the amount of colors per side. If one color per side then the price would be the same as a 2 color imprint napkin would be with printing only on one side. If 2 colors per side then the price would the same as a 4-color imprint with printing only on one side and so on. Please contact us for more details.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding a wholesale account.  We are not wholesalers but if you are ordering a larger quantity of just about any promotional item, we can typically offer much better pricing. 
In many cases when printing a large run we will use different machinery and a print method that is more affordable. When interested in a large print run for any of our printed items, we ask that you contact us directly for more information.

Yes, we can print on both sides of a napkin. We can do this on our beverage napkins and our lunch napkins. The art can be different on each side as well as the color of the art. For more information on how to order a 2-sided napkin please contact us.

If you created an account online then you can look up your order status that way. Or we also have a tracking link on the website, which you can you if you did not create an account. All you need is your order number and the shipping zip code. Here is that link

Yes we can always make it easier to do a reorder. The best way to reorder is either to log in online or email us or via live chat or call us. We will make th ordering process as easy as possible.

We are able to send samples of our napkins, cups, and other printed items upon request. We are not able to guarantee the print color as it all depends on the availability of the sample. We do our best to accommodate a request but a specific color combination is not guaranteed.  

Yes, we can print photos on glasses. This would printed digitally. For this type of product, please contact us via email or phone and we can help you place an order.

Example # 10 in this link is a 3 letter monogram. If you select 3 letter monogram option, you would enter the 3 letters on line 1. The second letter entered would be the letter in the middle and it will appear larger in the preview. It’s very important that you have no extra spaces or the preview will not look correct.

The ribbon itself can be washed but not the print. We print using a hot stamp print method/foil. This cannot be washed without rubbing off.

Personalized Napkins (Non Logo)

Beverage/cocktail napkins are around 5” square (when folded). These napkins primarily are used for drinks and hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail event or during cocktail hour at a party.

Luncheon napkins are around 6-3/4” square (when folded). These napkins are best for serving cake and for luncheon events.

One-ply napkins are thinner and definitely feel different than 2 and 3-ply (think the thin cocktail napkins provided on airplanes). One-ply is a great option if you need a large quantity of napkins because the price will be considerably less for 1-ply than 2 and 3-ply. However, if these napkins are for a party, you probably will want to opt for a 2 or 3-ply napkin. The difference between a 2 and 3-ply napkin is difficult to tell. The 3-ply napkin is a little bit thicker but in all likelihood you won’t be able to tell the difference between 2 and 3-ply napkins.

Generally speaking, during a one or two-hour cocktail hour, we assume that each guest will have two servings of Hors d’oeuvres and one cocktail, for a total of three beverage napkins per guest. Thus, for example, if you are having 200 guests, we suggest ordering 600 beverage napkins in total. If you are hosting an all-night cocktail event, we suggest ordering four beverage napkins per guest. Click here to order personalized beverage napkins.

This is not an exact science, so if you want to err on the safe side, we suggest buying some plain beverage napkins from a local party supply store as backup. Alternatively, you should check with the venue to see if they have their own beverage napkins, as many do. If so, the venue can put out their napkins if you run out of your personalized ones. On the other hand, if you don’t use all of your beverage napkins at the event, remember that napkins don’t go bad; you can use the extra napkins at the bar during the reception and the next day at brunch. Plus you can always use the napkins at home.

We assume two luncheon napkins per guest for lunch. If you also plan to use the napkins for dessert, we would add one additional napkin per guest, for a total of three luncheon napkins per guest. Click here to order personalized luncheon napkins.

Guest towels usually are approximately 4-1/4” wide and 8-1/2” high (when folded). They usually are used for a restroom and are stacked in a basket or some type of nice-looking napkin holder (see the Acrylic Guest Towel Holder). There are two basic types of guest towels: 2 or 3-ply guest towels and linen-like guest towels. The linen-like guest towel, which usually comes only in white, is considered the Cadillac of guest towels because it is thicker and more absorbent than a standard guest towel. It is most common at country clubs and at 4 and 5-star luxury hotels. It is a really nice touch for a restroom. Further down, we discuss linen-like napkins in more detail. Click here to order personalized guest towels.

If you are putting the guest towels only in the restrooms, we suggest ordering two guest towels per guest, split between the men’s and women’s restrooms. As with the cocktail napkins, you can always use plain guest towels or the venue’s guest towels (if they have them) as backup. If you have extra guest towels, these towels can be used for a brunch the next day and in your home bathroom as well.

Dinner napkins can vary in appearance. The square dinner napkin is a larger version of a square beverage or cocktail napkin. The big square version of a dinner napkin is useful if you want to print an image right in the middle of the napkin. (That being said, keep in mind that the napkin is large so you likely will want to fold it anyway.) The dinner napkin also can look like a guest towel. The main difference between the folded version of the dinner napkin and the guest towel is in how it’s folded: the dinner napkin is folded along the horizontal axis and the guest towel is folded along the vertical axis. Click here to see the see difference between a dinner napkin and a guest towel. As a general rule, this version of the dinner napkin and the guest towel can be used interchangeably. Click here to order personalized dinner napkins.

Three-ply napkins are the most common type of napkin used for cocktail parties and for parties in general.

Linen-like is a thicker paper napkin material. Linen-like napkins can vary in softness depending on the manufacturer, but as a general rule they are thicker and more absorbent than other napkins. Linen-like napkins come in beverage, lunch, guest towel, and dinner size. Linen-like guest towels often can be seen in posh country clubs, and 4 and 5 star hotels. Linen-like guest towels are an especially nice touch for a restroom.

Masslinn napkins are not as common as 3-ply or linen-like. They are similar to linen-like in the sense that they are not made of paper layers and they are considered more luxurious, but the main attribute of a Masslinn napkin is its soft, cotton ball feel. Masslinn napkins are still absorbent but not as absorbent as linen-like napkins. Like linen-like guest towels, Masslinn guest towels are best for restrooms.  Click here to order personalized linen-like napkins.



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