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Can you print a logo with multiple colors?

In many cases, we can print a logo as a multi-color imprint but ultimately this will depend on the product the logo is being printed on and the logo that is being printed. When printing digitally (the same concept as a home printer that prints all colors at once), we almost always can print a multi-color logo. However, many items cannot be printed digitally so there may be more limitations to the number of colors that can be printed. The main issue with printing multiple color logos on a product that is not being digitally printed is the registration between colors. Each color in the logo is printed separately, so depending on how close the colors are in proximity to each other, we may not be able to line up the colors properly. Also, because many products are printed by hand, registration of colors can vary within a lot from one item to the next. For example, if ordering a cup with a 2-color imprint, the logo could look perfectly printed on one cup and appear slightly off on another cup in the same lot. The printer typically will decline printing an item if they feel they cannot do a good job printing the product. That being said, proofs will include a disclaimer noting that colors can vary up, down, left, and right and this is not considered a defect. Below is an example of a logo on a cup and on a napkin that is not perfectly aligned.

To determine whether or not your logo can be printed as a multi-color logo please contact us with the art you would like printed and the item you would like the art printed on. We will let you know what options are available.

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