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What are setup fees?

Setup fees are an additional charge above the cost of the actual product. This fee includes the cost for the screen (if applicable), custom plate (if applicable), and other administrative fees. On almost every product we offer with the option to upload art, there will be a setup fee. On certain items there is a setup fee per color and print location. On other products there may be only one setup fee, regardless of the number of colors being printed. On some products, by simply changing the imprint color or even the product color within a lot, you will incur a new setup fee. The fee structure varies depending on the specific item being ordered. Each product should include this information in the price table. As a general rule, setup fees are waived on reorders as long as the order is placed for the same item within one year of the most recent order. Reorders not within this time frame usually will incur a half-price setup fee. More information is available in the price section for the specific product being ordered.

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