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What is a dinner napkin?

Dinner napkins can vary in appearance. The square dinner napkin is a larger version of a square beverage or cocktail napkin. The big square version of a dinner napkin is useful if you want to print an image right in the middle of the napkin. (That being said, keep in mind that the napkin is large so you likely will want to fold it anyway.) The dinner napkin also can look like a guest towel. The main difference between the folded version of the dinner napkin and the guest towel is in how it’s folded: the dinner napkin is folded along the horizontal axis and the guest towel is folded along the vertical axis. Click here to see the see difference between a dinner napkin and a guest towel. As a general rule, this version of the dinner napkin and the guest towel can be used interchangeably. Click here to order personalized dinner napkins.

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