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What is hot stamp printing/foil printing

When you want your logo to look very bold or especially shiny, then hot stamp may be the ideal print method. Hot stamp does not use ink when printing. It is a heat and pressure method of printing, where a machine heats the foil paper and then stamps the product being printed. This is a great option if you do not need to match a specific PMS/Pantone color (PMS is a standard for matching colors). However, if you do need to match a PMS color, then foil may not be ideal as it cannot be matched to a specific color. Also, hot stamp printing is best when you have a simple logo without a lot of detail. If the logo has a lot of detail, hot stamping will not look good because the foil does not always lift cleanly and there could be a lot of remnant fill-in on the finished print job. Hot stamping is not only for shiny logos. Foils come in both matte finish and a shiny finish. Below is an example of a logo printed with hot stamp silver metallic foil compared to a logo that was screen printed with a metallic silver ink.

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