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What is the difference between foil/hot stamp printing and ink printing?

Foil/hot stamp printing involves an extremely hot lever pressing down on a foil paper, which then leaves an impression on the item being printed. Once the impression is made, the lever is lifted. The main issue with this printing method is that when the lever is lifted from the product, a logo with a lot of detail may be left with excess foil in the small spaces of the logo/design (i.e., there may be fill-in in the small white areas of a “B” or an “A” or any small white space in a logo or design). For this reason, we often recommend using ink instead of foil/hot stamp. Ink tends to print a lot better than foil and is an especially perfect solution if your artwork has a lot of fine details. Though a foil can be a matte color as well as metallic, often a customer will want or associate foil with that shiny/metallic look. However, on many products, we offer a metallic ink that is a great alternative to foil/hot stamp. Below is an example of how metallic ink printing compares to metallic foil/hot stamp printing.

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