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Custom Artwork

Many of our products require custom artwork. Below, you will find answers to many of your questions concerning the submission of custom artwork. If you still have questions, you may contact us here.

What file types are accepted?

Accepted file types are .ai, .pdf, and .eps. Please submit vectorized artwork. Vectorized / line art is art which has been transformed into clean points, lines, and curves. Vector files are usually saved as .ai, .eps, or .pdf). The file can be up to 10MB. A jpeg (.jpg) or tiff (.tif) file is acceptabe if your artwork has a resolution of at least 300 dpi. These two file types are accepted, but not preferred.

  • If your artwork includes text, please make sure that the text is "outlined" (turned into clean curves and lines).

  • Photographs do not have to be vectorized but the photo should have a minimum of 300 dpi.

What if I have low quality artwork?

If you have low resolution artwork, please use our Art Correction service. With art correction, we will turn your low quality artwork into high quality, vectorized graphics. Your may use our art correction service at the same time you are placing an order order for a custom product. Please note that art correction may delay the production of your order by 1 - 2 business days.

How do I know if my artwork is acceptable?

If you're not sure if your artwork meets our requirements, you may submit your artwork for evaluation. For art evaluation, please email your artwork to [email protected].

I'm having a problem uploading my artwork...

If you experience problems uploading your artwork on a product page, you may also email your file to [email protected] (this link may also be found on the order page. In the subject line of the email, please type the last name of the person that is being billed for the order.

Art Correction

Art Correction

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