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Updated: Wednesday 03/18/2020 15:48:48 (Mar 18, 2020)
Clear Flat Lids for 9-44 oz. Visually Stunning Drink Cups

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    Sold in increments of 1000.
    9 oz. Lid
    $68.00/per 1000
    Tall 12 oz. Lid
    $69.00/per 1000
    Tall 16 oz. Lid
    $69.00/per 1000
    17 oz. Lid
    $76.00/per 1000
    20 oz. Lid
    $76.00/per 1000
    24 oz. Lid
    $76.00/per 1000
    32 oz. Lid
    $77.00/per 1000
    44 oz. Lid
    $81.00/per 1000
    Price includes a clear, flat lid for 9-44 oz. visually stunning cups.
    Straws are available for this item and are sold separately on our website. Please find in our Frequently Bought Together section or contact us for further information if you cannot locate what you need.
    Printing on Lids: Unfortunately, we are not able to print on lids.
    Larger Quantity: To order 20,000 or more lids, please contact us for special pricing.

    Clear Flat Lids for 9 - 44 oz. Visually Stunning Full Coverage Imprint Drink Cups*

    These clear, flat lids are designed to complement our visually stunning cups, without clashing with the cup imprint.   They have a straw slot; are disposable and recyclable. 

    • Complement our Visually Stunning Imprinted Drink Cups
    • Make your order a complete package
    • Thermo-formed
    • Clear lids
    • Straw slot
    • Recyclable
    *Lids may only be sold in conjunction with an order of our 9 - 44 oz. Visually Stunning Imprinted Drink Cups, and may not be sold alone.  Please contact us for more information.


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    Clear Flat Lids for 9-44 oz. Visually Stunning Drink Cups

    Product Code: 9_44_clr_flat_lid_11     ( See Price Chart )

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